Find out how compatible you are with potential roommates. 

You’re off to college! Congrats! And while the stringent academics or chaotic social aspects of your new universe don’t make you nervous – having a roommate does.

Sharing your living space is always a challenge – especially if you’ve never had to before. You’ve heard more roommate horror stories than match-made-in-roommate-heaven stories. You’ve read – mouth agape  – about the Coldplay playing insomniac; the stage 17 clinger who didn’t understand personal space and even worse, the roommate that cooked all his highly-pungent meals in your shared microwave.

It often doesn’t matter whether roommates are randomly placed together or long-time friends sharing space for the first time, chaos can ensue. Best friends often battle over dirty dishes and acquaintances argue over quiet time and early alarms.

We can help! Or, rather the Internet can help. We googled-around and found a great roommate test from Psychology Today. If anyone knows how the mind works – it’s these folks, a group of renowned psychologists, academics, psychiatrists, and writers who contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Take the test and make your future roommates take the test – there’s only 11 questions – and then find out your Roommate IQs to learn your strengths and weaknesses.


Take the test!