Warning: this isn’t your standard “What to pack for college” list. There are plenty of those articles and videos already on the internet, and we definitely encourage you to read a few! But laundry lists, really aren’t our style. Nope! We like short and sweet! We’ve narrowed down our list to five — five funky and fantastic items that will be indispensable to making the most of your college habitation.

  • Ziploc bags. These bags can be used for a zillion different things from vitamins to snacks to make-up and nuts and bolts. Don’t get the snack size – go quart or gallon.
  • Earplugs. Dorm living with multiple roommates practically requires you to pack these little sleep-helpers. Or, concentration-helpers!
  • Tension rod. Maximize your closet space and bring an extra tension rod to double your hanging options.
  • Hooks. Go vertical and use your wall space. Just pull and stick a command hook and then hang everything from your towels to your jacket to your backpack.
  • Refillable water bottles. The UVM campus really takes their sustainability pledges to heart and does not sell any bottled water! Bring your refillable bottle to stay hydrated!

The Spinner Place leasing team has more ideas about what to pack and what not to pack and is ready to help with any and all leasing and moving questions.